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Sharr Realty Company is a commercial real estate company that offers commercial spaces for lease specifically in Colchester, Connecticut.   The principal agent is Edward J. (“Rick”) Sharr.

Why Bring Your Business to Colchester?

Colchester’s geographical location is one of its greatest assets.  Situated nearly equidistant from three major cities – Hartford, Norwich and New London – on easily accessible and non-congested highways makes commuting as easy affair.  There is easy access to Middletown, Glastonbury, Manchester and Willimantic as well. Coupled with public water and sewers and a rural setting, Colchester offers a quality of life that most communities cannot approach.  Projections provide that Colchester will be one of the few communities in the State to experience notable increases in its population in the upcoming years.

A Bit of Town History

The Town of Colchester was founded in 1698.  By 1756, it had become a thriving rural town.  One of the first textile mills in America began in the Westchester section of town in 1780.  Other early industries were iron works, clothier shops, potash works, grist mills, saw mills, and brick kilns.   These industries were soon joined by tanneries, a woolen mill, a hatter, a wheel and carriage factory, a paper mill, a creamery, a canning company and a rubber company – the Hayward Rubber Company, which worked with Charles Goodyear to discover the process of vulcanized rubber.  From Colchester, rubber products, boots and shoes were shipped all over the country. With flourishing industries, the town prospered.


Today, Colchester supports regional and national retailers, multi-generational family business and budding entrepreneurs with new start-ups, all of which are assisted by a vibrant Business Association.  

General Information

Area of Town:    49.8 square miles

Area Zoned Commercial:  1,200 acres

2022 Population: 15,552

2021 Households: 6,097

State Forest, Parks & Wildlife Areas:    3,300

Town-Owned Land:    652 acres

State Highways:   Routes 2, 11, 16, 85, 149, 354, 615, 616, 637

Public Sewer Lines:   35 miles

Public Water Lines:   29 miles


Tax Incentive Program

Over the past few years, Colchester has experienced a spurt of residential growth.  With residential growth comes the need for jobs and many types of commercial development.   Recognizing this need, the Town established the Colchester Tax Incentive Program (“the C-TIP”) to attract new businesses and commercial interests to Colchester and to encourage existing businesses and interests to expand by offering partial relief from local property tax burdens.  


Specifically, the goals of the C-TIP are to:

  • Encourage new job creation and expansion of existing businesses
  • Attract forms of commercial development not currently offered
  • Foster the development of start-up companies within the Town
  • Grow the town tax base and more equitably distribute tax burdens

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